Man is product of nurture not nature

Today, a new approach to deal with this question is emerging. Occasionally I explain about my campaigning and tell them that the research shows there is absolutely no difference between the love and affection of a mother compared to a father.

We are all some mix of all of it. Environmental factors ranging from parental care to societal influence are responsible for it. Alamy The age-old question of whether human traits are determined by nature or nurture has been answered, a team of researchers say.

The results suggest that Man is product of nurture not nature plays a role in the intellectual ability of people.

The results shown have been important evidence against the importance of environment when determining, happiness, for example. Starting from the 14th week of gestation twin foetuses plan and execute movements specifically aimed at the co-twin. When it got right down to it, the only thing John Watson had succeeded in doing was to produce conditioned fear of furry animals in an infant named Albert, by making a loud noise whenever little Albert reached for a rabbit.

The main argument is, if there are social behaviors that are inherited and developed before birth, then one should expect twin foetuses to engage in some form of social interaction before they are born.

What are some the negative implications brought to light by this debate. This phrase is found in almost every Holy book and text books of the world. When fraternal twins are reared apart, they show the same similarities in behavior and response as if they have been reared together.

Researchers were able to conclude that the performance of movements between the co-twins were not accidental but specifically aimed. Research have shown that children are more socially and intellectually advanced if their parents were more involved in their lives.

We readily accept that genes determine our biological factors such as our eye color, height, blood type etc. We agree that we get our eyes and skin color from our parents and our physical characteristics are hereditary but from where do we get the talent of dancing.

Nurture or Both You are here: As already stated in this paper, schizophrenia has genetic basis. But then why some people are more successful in their life than others.

Adoption studies also directly measure the strength of shared family effects. The answer to these questions begs yet others. There are also well-documented cases of children behaving much like the opposite sex, according to the norms of their community.

This is one explanation of how environment can influence the extent to which a genetic disposition will actually manifest. For that reason some scientists will have an agenda, and some findings are likely to the the result of advocacy research.

Heritability measures always refer to the degree of variation between individuals in a population. Likewise, identical twins are more similar than fraternal twins. Nature versus Nurture The nature versus nurture debate has been one that has been around for centuries.

This debate was spawned from the idea that nature and nurture are both pieces of the human puzzle.

Nature vs Nurture

It did not deny the notion that nature or inherency is a factor in the disposition of people, however, the research it reflected definitely supported much more of the nurture theory. Both reports/studies were willing to accept that neither nature nor nurture was the sole and independent factor in deciding the disposition or behavior or an.

Nature deals with the inheritable factors while Nurture deals with the environmental factors that we grow up around in. Nature via Nurture by Matt Ridley explains that nature and nurture are both important factors that make a person who they are and who they become.

Mar 02,  · To prove that man is the product of nurture and not nature let’s take the subject of intelligence among human beings.

Essay: Nature vs. Nurture or Both

If a person is a product of nature that is due to his genes then we would know that this certain numbers of people are intelligent and we would only pick them for the brainy jobs. The reality of development is not "nature or nurture" but nature then nurture.

Personality is an integral function of the nature modified by the nurture ; each point from 0 to years takes an unpredictable value, because the nurture comprises a large number of unknowns.

It is not nature or nurture alone that affect personality, rather it is the interaction of nature and nurture. Understanding the factors that affect personality will benefit the community as people learn to develop a better relationship with others.

Man is product of nurture not nature
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