A study on financial performance of madras cement ltd

Dispatch of call letters 4. The extent of capacity addition, however, and whether or not demand will rise to match it more closely than at present, is up for debate. Low value commodity makes transportation over long distances Uneconomical.

Transfer has the benefit of shifting workforce from the surplus departments to those where there is shortage of staff. Training is the acquisition of technology, which permits employees to perform their present job to standards. There is greater stability, flexibility and capacity for growth in an organization.

Beginning with the supervisory level it must filter down to entry-level positions. It is process of identifying the financial strengths and weakness of the firm.

Empirical Analysis on Financial Performance through Cash Flow Statements

As no standard is available to judge whether the ratio is low or high a comparison with the similar firms in the industry is to be made to conclude whether the company is utilizing its cash efficiently or not. Demand supply equation during FY09 remained near to equilibrium.

Profitability ratios Profit is the difference between revenues and expenses over a period of time usually one year. He says that the simple act of correcting them could free up enough cash to make the difference between failure and survival in the current recession.

This ratio establishes a relationship between gross profit and sales to measure the efficiency of the firm and it reflects its pricing policy. Company remained well established in Northern and Western regions, whereas with amalgamation with Ambuja Cement Eastern in CY06, it forayed to Eastern market.

Projects announced at the same time included two plants being planned by Emmami Cement and ABG's announcement of two new plants for The total employees are divided into seventeen levels starting from level one for watchman to the highest position with the level seventeen, further all levels are categorised as a age wise in seven age groups.

From the above table it is analyzed that the working capital turnover ratio of the company is negative for the first four years from to and turned into positive position from the year onwards. It has a wide distribution network with around warehouses and dealers.

Ratio Analysis in cement industry

Ultra Tech Net Worth16 7. Its technologically sophisticated assets are best-in-class and its manufacturing technology. Recruitment for the posts of engineers is also made through campus interviews to meet the urgent requirements of the company. It enables workers to create better products, faster services, and more competitive organizations.

Under the new dispensations for existing units the levy quota was fixed at 6. All initial appointments in the company as a result of direct recruitment in accordance with the rules except those of a temporary, ad-hoc, casual or contractual nature and those on foreign service or deputation terms from govt.

Recruitment is a process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organizations Recruitment is a process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organizations.

The analyst should not simply determine the change, but more importantly, he should understand why ratios have changed. The ICAI has also declared most of these accounting standards as mandatory for the members of the Institute who have to look into compliance thereof while discharging their attest function5 Though the ASB of the ICAI have issued thirty accounting standards on most of the important areas in accounting and have ensured their implementation by making accounting standards mandatory, the strange irony is that they have not formulated any specific accounting standard on measurement and reporting of cost and value of HRs.

The benefits of selecting right kind of people for various jobs are as follows: This Company followed the discount rate at 12 per cent considering the weighted average cost of capital.

The ICAI has so far issued thirty accounting standards. The probable reason for this is that the company was under verge of sickness during this period. This ratio indicates the proportion of inventory to the current assets. They have to protect the interests of all parties and see that the firm grows profitably.

The booming demand for cement, both in India and abroad, have attracted global majors to India. The study found that the human resource management practices have statistically significant impact on the measures of firm financial performance.

The reverse causal relation showed that the financial measure market capitalisation has a significant and positive influence on the human resource management practices. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

The analysis of the financial statements, spotlights the significant fact and relationship concerning managerial performance, corporate efficiency, financial strength and weakness and credit worthiness.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: Finance is the view as a backbone to accelerating economic development of any country. Hence this study is an attempt to fill the gap identified from the review of literature To examine the economic and financial performance of the selected sample firms of the Indian cement industry during The export as a percentage of sales is found to be highest for Ultra Tech Cement Ltd.

() and least for Jaiprakash. This chapter delineates the research methodology followed in the study to assess the financial performance of public sector enterprises (PSEs) and the performance of disinvested PSEs and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) PSEs.

It also enumerates gaps identified from literature review, research. BHEL, Cement Corporation of India, ONGC, Engineers India Ltd., National Thermal Power Corporation, Mineral and Metals Trading Corporation, Madras Refineries, Associated Cement Companies, SPIC, Cochin Refineries Ltd.

etc. are some of the organization which have started disclosing some valuable information regarding human resources in their.

A study on financial performance of madras cement ltd
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